AT&T’s Enhanced Relevent Advertising Terms & Conditions

You’re in control.

If you choose to opt in to the AT&T Enhanced Relevant Advertising program, you, as the account holder, allow AT&T and our affiliates (including DIRECTV) (“us,” “we”) to collect, use and share data with third parties about you and other users on your account. This includes data generated by your devices and by the use of AT&T products and services on your account. We may associate this data with an identifier other than your name, like your device ID, Apple or Android advertising ID, and share the data with third parties. This program allows us and others to deliver a more personalized experience, including marketing and advertising. You won’t see more ads; rather the ads you see will become more relevant to the users of your account.

AT&T’s products and services include Internet, TV, mobile, and AT&T apps. You can opt in to this program any time through certain AT&T apps or websites. If you choose to participate, you can revoke your consent at any time. To make these changes, go to our Consent Management Platform ( Your choice doesn’t affect your ability to use our products and services.

References to “your” data includes data derived from your own use of AT&T products and services as well as all other users on your account. If you have other people using services on your account, it’s up to you to make them aware that you have granted us permission to use the information of all users of your account for this program.

By opting in to the Enhanced Relevant Advertising program you agree to the specific terms in this Terms & Conditions. In case of any conflict between the Terms & Conditions and our AT&T Privacy Policy ( or any other policy with respect to data included in the Enhanced Relevant Advertising program, this Terms and Conditions will govern.

Information collected and used

First a word about what is not used. This program does not allow us to use the content of your texts, emails, or calls. It also does not allow us to use information you provide to encrypted websites such as passwords, bank accounts, etc., or information like your social security number.

We collect information from your AT&T provided Internet, TV, mobile services, and AT&T apps when you include those services in the Enhanced Relevant Advertising program, as well as from your connected devices like your smartphone or connected car. The information we collect includes the following:

  • Your use of our network, our products, our services and your devices,
  • The type of device(s) or equipment you use, including operating system, connection type, software, mobile number and IP address,
  • Your downloads and purchases from us,
  • The unique identifiers associated with your devices, such as the unique ID number that Apple, Android or others assign to your device,
  • Web browsing and apps use, including from AT&T and third party sites,
  • TV and video viewing and recording information from your home (set top box) and on the go using our apps,
  • Location information, which tells us where your devices are, and
  • Something the U.S. government calls Customer Proprietary Network Information (“CPNI”), which includes the call detail records from your phone or other device as well as other information that we describe below.

What is CPNI and what are your rights?

CPNI is information that all telecommunications companies, including AT&T, collect about the voice phone services and/or interconnected voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) services you purchase from us, and how you use them. CPNI relates to the quantity, technical configuration, type, destination, location, and amount of use of these services. You have the right, and we have a duty under federal law, to protect the confidentiality of your CPNI. In this program, we will use your mobile phone service and VoIP CPNI to provide you with more relevant, targeted offers, including by sharing your CPNI with third parties such as advertisers and social media networks, as described in this Terms & Conditions. You have the right to deny or withdraw authorization of this use of your CPNI. Your denial will not impact any services you currently subscribe to. Your consent to this use of your CPNI will be valid until you revoke your authorization, which you may do at any time at

Information uses

This information may be used to provide you with content and advertising better tailored to you. We use data from your account to learn more about your likes and interests — the websites you visit, shows you watch, location information, etc. We may use the data in the following ways:

  • To combine this information with other information we may have about you;
  • This includes demographic or account information such as your age, gender, email address, mailing address, subscription plans for your AT&T accounts, behavior characteristics and interests. This also includes information that you provide to us from your use of AT&T products and services, that we infer, or that we get from third parties.
  • To create aggregate reports that don’t identify you personally; and
  • To associate the data with a unique identifier.

This information helps us and others personalize your AT&T experience, including the advertising you receive. We may also use the information we collect to improve the products and services you use, tailor your experiences, or inspire new products we create.

We will continue to develop the Enhanced Relevant Advertising program to further personalize your experience, which may include discounted and other promotional offers in the future.

Information sharing

Your information may be shared with other companies that belong to AT&T, our vendors, and with third parties. When we share information with third parties, we will aggregate the information, or we will associate it with an identifier, such as your Apple or Android ID. For example, we may use your web browsing history to determine that you’re a news lover, and send that segment information along with your ID to an advertising network, to deliver a news-related ad to your device.

Third parties include, for example, advertisers, advertising related-service providers (companies that aggregate data, track ads, and/or deliver ads to target audiences for multiple advertisers across numerous websites and apps), content providers (companies from whom we license video programming), social media networks, and analytics firms (companies that collect data from various sources and measure, analyze and predict consumer behavior, such as what users watch).

Your choices and controls

We only include you in the Enhanced Relevant Advertising program when you tell us you want to join. If you change your mind, you can leave the program at any time. It’s really simple, just go to the Choices and Controls section of the AT&T Privacy Policy and follow the directions there. Or visit

In addition to the Enhanced Relevant Advertising program described here, we also offer a basic Relevant Advertising program, which is described in more detail in at Both programs allow us to send you advertisements that are relevant to your interests or certain characteristics, like your age and gender. The Enhanced Relevant Advertising program makes your experience more personalized, because it allows AT&T to use more types of data and share it with third parties.

All customers are automatically in the basic Relevant Advertising program, but we still give you a choice. You can opt out of the Relevant Advertising program at

If you opt in to the Enhanced Relevant Advertising program, that decision will override any previous opt out of the Relevant Advertising program. If you later decide that you don’t want your data used for any relevant advertising, you will need to opt out of both programs.

If you choose not to participate in these programs, your choice will not affect your or anyone on your account’s ability to use AT&T products and services.

The Enhanced Relevant Advertising program operates independently of all other elections that you may make for other AT&T products, services, or programs. Your consent to join the Enhanced Relevant Advertising program, will not affect your other choices regarding CPNI, Third-Party Services, External Marketing and Analytics Reports, Do Not Email, Do Not Text, Do Not Call, Do Not Track, and private browsing and cookie settings. Likewise, opting out under any of these other programs will not revoke your consent to Enhanced Relevant Advertising. For rights, choices and controls you may have regarding use of your information from other AT&T products and services please see

Please note that your consent to this program operates independently of settings on your device or browser. Using browser controls (like clearing your browser history) or device controls (like turning off your location), is not an effective way to opt out of participation in or the collection of information for the Enhanced Relevant Advertising program. To opt out, use the links above.



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