Fair, but Siri on your head is going to happen one way or another. These are also Generation One of the AirPods. They’re called AirPods and not AirBuds likely because they have more to do with the iPod as a computing device thank they do with earbuds, which are just dumb peripherals. Someday maybe tethering won’t be necessary. But I digress. My point was to draw a parallel between the first generation MacBook Air and the latest version, or even the iPad Air. Within a few product cycles, Apple whittles away at the bulk until there’s nearly none left. I imagine the 3rd or 4th gen AirPods will be closer to fashion accessories then any other Bluetooth headset that’s come to market to date. But again, even if it’s not the AirPods that do it, Apple wants to continue embedding itself in our lives through premium hardware+ software products. That seems highly unlikely to change.

Inventor of the hashtag. Ever-curious product designer and technologist. Previously: Google, Uber, Molly (YC W18).

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