Fair points, but Apple’s move feels like pulling off a stubborn bandaid rather than punishing their customers. You’re absolutely right about the price point too, but Apple’s first gen price points are never aimed at the masses, they’re aimed at the influencers who can afford these devices and once again, lead by example — creating expensive products that rich people want, and then over time, Apple relaxes the price point to be more affordable. They certainly did it with the iPhone and iPad. I don’t see why they’d change their playbook now.

And yes, certainly some use cases will be imperiled by the removal of the headphone jack, but it also forces technology makers to move faster to fill those gaps. The question then becomes: when should Apple remove the headphone jack? If not now, then when? Ever? Do you feel the same way about Firefire or floppy drives or CD drives? If not, why not?

The relationship that we have with Apple and Apple’s technologies is more of a services one, rather than a utility one. If you want long-standing backwards compatibility, it’s probably better to stick with Microsoft Windows, where, long after they’ve moved on from the Start Menu, you can still boot to a version of the OS that contains it. Apple is nearly as nostalgic about the past, and moves on quickly because they see the profits in taking a different tact from Microsoft, in building a premium, fashion-oriented, technology-powered business.

So, I hear you, and I welcome your critique, especially where I myself am likely to be blind to Silicon Valleyist attitudes, but I do think that the long game is what I’m most interested in; so many other pundits have covered the near term that I felt compelled to share my thoughts!

Inventor of the hashtag. Ever-curious product designer and technologist. Previously: Google, Uber, Molly (YC W18).

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