I completely disagree. It’s unfortunate that service designers and builders are taking an “either/or” approach, rather than thinking critically about how they interact with people in the real world. I text, call, speak with, video chat, and use just about every means available to me to communicate with friends and family. It depends on my context, what I’m doing, and the job that I need to have done.

Conversational software is by definition adaptive to the participants — it demands that negotiated meaning is made in the space in between. It’s no longer about leaning into the keyboard to express words, it’s about having the computational system meet us in the middle, across any number of forms of media.

Voice and chat are complements. I text my friends and I call them on the phone. I should have the same choice when it comes to brands, appbots, agents and assistants.

Inventor of the hashtag. Ever-curious product designer and technologist. Previously: Google, Uber, Molly (YC W18).

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