Yes, and this is interesting. How might we create a better, more egalitarian reputation system for news sources — not just at the publisher level (NYT, WaPo, et al), but at the individual reporter level? Should there be a kind of Uber-like driver rating system for individuals and news reporters that measures their history of accuracy, honesty, direct sourcing, and independence? Perhaps such a pan-journalism system might help tip the scales back towards newsworthiness itself and away from aggregated power in any absolute form.

I think of proto examples of this in Andy Carvin (@andycarvin) or Bobbie Johnson (@bobbie). Even you, Craig, are someone I consider a news reporter when it comes to many issues, like news media or veterans’ issues. Perhaps it no longer needs to be solely the news organizations that determine whether someone can report the news, but someone’s consistency in behavior?

Inventor of the hashtag. Ever-curious product designer and technologist. Previously: Google, Uber, Molly (YC W18).

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